Hello you lovely beautiful people

This is my first blog of what I hope will become a regular stream, or at least trickle, of ideas, new work and observations on just about everything and anything.


First off I want to explain a little about me and my work. My motivation for my work, and indeed my existance, is to try to create beauty. Not as a shallow enterprise, I think but as a personal bulwark against the massive wave of ugliness in the world. 


And when I say ugliness I am refering not just to the physical ugliness of, for instance, much of the built environment, but also hidious political ugliness.  An environment of greed and theft by the rich and their institutions which seems to me runs entirely counter to normal human attributes of kindness and empathy.


So I have a small corner and in that corner I want to live beautifully. I, for instance, try to grow my own food so I eat lovely fresh veg while avoiding a little bit of supermarket shopping. I am restoring my little cottage with (where possible) environmentally sustainable materials. And I'm living as an independent, dissident artist.


In these small ways and in many others I am trying to do as little damage as I can while being a voice of love and a defender of beauty in all its guises. To that end here's a new piece of work and to anyone who is reading this and wants to get in touch- please do.